"Jervis Bay is an area which is our culturally important to me and where I still have strong family connections. This is Yuin country, where my family heritage originates, hence my close cultural ties to both land and sea along the NSW south coast."




Zip's story - Jervis Bay


From the premium growing areas of Colombia, Sumatra and Costa Rica, Jervis also contains just under 10% Nicaraguan coffee which highlights the complexity of this blend.


This single phase, lightly roasted blend is of outstanding complexity and smoothness. The coffee is a medium brown with attractive lustre.



Espresso Blend



 Jervis is an intricate blend, with characteristics of sweetness and clean acidity, combined with a smoothness and softness that fills the mouth. It leaves no hint of bitterness, just a delightful roasted finish of considerable length.


The light roast characteristics of sugary and floral aromas dominate this exceptional coffee. Hints of nutmeg and other spices blend in perfect harmony with delicate roasted notes to provide a complete aromatic experience.