"Little Bay, in the La Perouse region just south-east of Sydney, is the beautiful place where we often had large family gatherings. Fishing and diving on the rocky shores collecting mutton fish (abalone), crayfish and mullet were activities which provided a culturally important source of food for my mob." 





Zip's story - Little Bay


A combination of 4 high quality Arabica and a Premium grade Robusta, this coffee is excellent as an Espresso but also distinguishes itself in milk.


Coffees from the East Indies, Central and South America including the highest grade Colombian “Supremo” plus a small amount of Indian Parchment Robusta have been blended together to create a great all round coffee.



Auto Machine Blend


Little Bay

The distinguishing aroma of this blend promotes a full-bodied caramel, honeycomb and balanced fruitiness with an amazing chocolate after-taste. The East Indies component adds body, low acidity, sweet stone fruit notes, with a clean and pleasant aftertaste.


The addition of Central American beans ensures a rich body and smooth finish with a clear barley note leaving a light cocoa texture. The handpicked beans from the mountainous regions of Colombia compliments the profile to create a sweet tasting coffee with rich flavour and aroma. Finally, the small amount of Indian Parchment adds a bittersweet, pungent, dark chocolate note.

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