"Summercloud Bay is located within the broader Jervis Bay landscape on the NSW south coast and is an area significant to my cultural heritage.  I began to fully appreciate the importance of my Aboriginal ancestory when trying to perfect the skills needed to successfully free dive for seafood around the rocky inlets of the picturesque waterway."










Zip's story - Summercloud Bay


This balanced Fairtrade blend, (85% Arabica, 15% Robusta), features some of the highest quality organic coffees from Africa, South America and the East Indies; ideal growing regions that contribute distinct flavours to this well-developed blend.


This single phase roast is designed to fully realise the flavour potential of these exceptional coffees. Highlighted is a lime acidity from the Columbian and Nicaraguan components, a deep fruity sweetness from the Ethiopian bean and a balanced, well rounded body from the high grade Indian and Papua New Guinean beans.

Auto Machine Blend

Organic - Fairtrade



In the cup, this coffee presents as full bodied with delicate acidities at the front of the palate.  This body cuts through milk, presenting as a pleasant nuttiness with a well-rounded toffee sweetness.